Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV...the instant life changer arounder

I was watching MTV today (I know, God forbid!) and 16 and Pregnant was on. I had heard a lot of chatter about it and I was kind of annoyed that they were sensationalizing teen pregnancy so I figured I would watch it. Let me tell you. I. Got. Hooked. These girls are crazy. Some of them are stupid and, even though they live with their parents, they still go out and party and let their moms take care of their kids but say how much they love the babies. Then there are a few who take care of their business. One of the girls that I felt so sorry for was Nikkole. She got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend who dumped her when she told him she was going to keep the baby. He decided that he would come back to her but then was especially stupid and rude to her mother. Then after the baby came and he was banned from her house he decided he wanted to go back to his ex-girlfriend. Real classy guy. And even though she was really good with her baby (from what we saw) and did a lot of the stuff herself at the end of the show she was talking about how she hopes her and Josh would be together in the end. Yuck. But that's how you feel at 16. I just felt bad for her. But, it was her own fault for not taking the necessary precautions.

Then I was watching taped (I really mean DVR'd) episodes of Celebrity Rehab. Again, Oh. My. God. These people are nuts. Especially Kari Anne Peniche (Sp?). She is a spoiled little girl that apparently decided that the world revolves around her. It is disgusting. And the people whose lives have been ruined because of these peoples behaviors (including their own lives) just kills me. Here are these rich and famous people and they decide that they want to do drugs and drink a whole lot and they don't care about anyone else. It is nice to see that some of these people seem to be learning from their mistakes but some of these people it seems too little, too late.

So between the 2 shows I probably spent (wasted) 4 hours of my time. I was emotionally drained after watching them. It kills me how these people treat themselves and others. I hope that I can set a good example for my monkey that he sees that that is not the right way to live his life. In this day and age it can be incredibly difficult but I will do my best.

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Heather said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here.

I was going to say yeah that was wasted time, but I can't really talk, I just got threw watching that show Hoarders. I was so aggervated and emotionally drained by it. The really sad thing is...I will probably watch it again.