Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Here’s another episode of random thoughts Tuesday hosted by the gracious Keely over at www.theunmom.com.

I am horribly ugly when I work out. I have been lifting heavier (8 pound) weights during my exercise class and last night I caught my lip curling as I was doing a bicep curl. I tried to stop but then not only was I struggling against the weight I was struggling against curling my lip. Sick. That’s all I have to say.

I have joined a health site that can track calories. It has a lot of different foods that I can choose from when I’m picking the foods that I have eaten that day. That is super cool. What is not super cool is that I have to decipher how much an ounce of anything is. Also, I’m a little sicked out by the amount of calories in the foods I eat, thus in the amount of calories I consume in a day. That was the point of me doing this so I could realize how much I eat, and how much I don’t need to be eating.

This weekend is the monkey’s birthday party. He will turn 3 in a week and it makes me a little sad. But I am trying to get finishing details finished and I think that this party will be pretty cool. We are going to a children’s theater to culture the small children. Then back to give them sugar highs! I will give the highlights after the weekend! Then on his actual birthday I am taking off and freeing him from his school prison and we are going to have a fun day! I’m pretty excited about that. As long as he doesn’t have a crazy bad attitude. Ha ha, that’s funny seeing that he has a crazy bad attitude every day lately it seems!

Work has been crazy annoying lately. Not only has my friend up and decided to leave but the hours are continuously being cut, so staffing is terrible. Causing morale to be even more terrible. No one wants to be at work but when their hours are cut they are crappy about it. Make up your mind people. At least we still have jobs.

There are a lot of good songs on the radio lately. I have been spending more time in the back at work and I can listen to the radio. I am in love with the Black Eyed Peas song “I’ma Be” It’s fun and I like to dance to it. There are a lot of other good ones but that is definitely my favorite as of now. The only problem I have with the radio is that they replay the same songs almost every hour. So I can only listen for a little bit or I get annoyed.

I really want to go on a vacation. Not just take a vacation and not go to work, but go somewhere. And preferably tropical. It has been ridiculously cold lately, and while I don’t mind it a change of pace would be nice. And I am hearing about a lot of people going totally awesome places. Apparently the new car has taken away from our vacation fund! ;)

All right…that’s enough random for now. I hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday and an even better Ash Wednesday tomorrow. I will be celebrating by going to see Gone with the Wind with my mom at a local theater. Totally awesome!

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Heather said...

That just means your working twice as hard in your workout. LOL!

My mother is always quoting calorie counts to me. I hate knowing what I'm eating. LOL!

3 yrs old! Such a big kid.

Yup, got to be grateful we still have jobs. Hubbies work made so many changes and layoff, it was real scary.

People have vacation funds?! That's where I've been going wrong!
Maybe just a little getaway will do.