Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Sacrifice

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone! I am not an every week practicing Catholic. I am trying to get better because I do want the monkey to grow up with the traditions me and the hubby had. But anyways…today is Ash Wednesday. I will not be going to church because I am going to see Gone with the Wind with my mom but I am passing on the meats today and I have decided on what I want my sacrifice to be for Lent. For those of you not familiar with Lent…it is the time Jesus spent in the desert before he was tempted by Satan and it is also the time leading up to Holy week before Easter. Anyways…Catholics give up something for Lent to symbolize the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I usually try to give up something every year. This year I have decided to give up eating out in the evenings unless it was a previously planned engagement. This is a big sacrifice for me because on the nights that I don’t want to cook dinner or I am getting home late I will just tell the hubby to pick something up, or I will go out and grab something. This will force me to cook or have the family eat leftovers every evening. The only days I am allowing us (or me, because I can’t force the hubby) to eat out are days that are pre-planned. For instance, next week is the monkey’s birthday. I will let him choose where he would like us to go for dinner. And next Saturday we have plans to go to a murder-mystery dinner party at a local restaurant. So those days I will let it slide, but no on the days I just don’t want to cook. I will make myself be a big girl and do what I have my mind set on! Also, this will help monetarily since to go out to eat anymore is super expensive. So, do you celebrate Lent? If so, what are you planning on sacrificing this year?

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Heather said...

Good sacrifice.

I would think going out to eat that often would get kind of expensive.

I got supper at sonic yesterday and it was $12! That was 6 dollars a person! I wont be doing that again for a long time.