Monday, February 1, 2010

To have and to hold

So this weekend is my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Or at least their party is this weekend. I am a great grand-daughter for knowing the exact date! J Anyways…I think it is amazing that two people can be together for so long and still love each other so much. And I know they do because there have been a lot of hardships for the family, like heart surgery for my grandpa, my grandma now not being able to remember a lot of things and just not always being “there.” And there was the whole raising 9 kids, 7 of them boys. I’m sure that wasn’t always the easiest task as parents. And yet when they are walking together they hold hands. The monkey saw them coming in from church one day and said why are they holding hands? It was so cute to see them like that. Just the sweet things that they do just for themselves, not just showing off for the others. I hope my hubby and I make it for 60 years. It’s been 5 ½ so far, and I think that we can make it another 55! We may have our differences and our fights but we agreed in the beginning that we were in it for the long haul, so I guess it is just us making it 55 more years! So happy diamond anniversary grandma and grandpa!

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Heather said...

Sorry I'm late, having computer issues.

That is amazing to make it to 60 yrs. Neither of mine did, 52 for one set and 53 for the other. My poor hubby would have to live another 42 more years for us to hit 60 together, I don't see that happening. LOL!

How cute that they still hold hands.