Friday, January 7, 2011

Fatty Friday

Ok, so hopefully not so fatty for much longer but it got you pulled in right?! I need the constant reminder (real or imagined) that people are holding me accountable for my health so I figured I did really well when I was doing my weight watchers weigh in on Fridays in the summer so I'm going back to it. If I want to get my body ready for baby (a girl can dream right?!) I need to take this seriously. So here goes:

Monday: Alarm did not go off due to stupid Iphone glitch. Woke up at 6:18 when my class started at 5:45. Major fail.

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Woo hoo! I made it to class. And it kicked my butt. What I thougth was going to be mainly a step class turned into my giant nightmare by using this class to work on cardio in a bootcamp like atmosphere. Run, cardio, run, cardio, run, cardio. For 45 minutes. Yikes!

Thursday: Could barely walk let alone do any more activity. Plus I worked from 9:30-8

Friday: Today I also got up at 5:15 (not looking to good at that time BTW). Got to my class and it was much better and less boot-campy today. Still very strenuous but I could handle it. Still sore but not as bad as yesterday!

That was my week. HOpefully next week I can do even better and even do some stuff on my off days. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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