Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RTT: Warm Clothes, Sick Kids and Iphone Obsession

Womp womp. Another weekend is done and gone. Ho hum. I’m so ready for vacation. Whenever that is coming. But on to the random…

I love my little monkey. He loves his clothes fresh out of the dryer so every morning because we love him so we put his clothes on a quick 5 or 10 minute run so they can be warm. That is actually a bribing point when trying to get him out of bed on rough mornings! It also reminds me of when I was younger and I would put my clothes over the dryer vent in the bathroom so when I got out of the shower I could throw on some warm clothes!

He was sick this past week. Like uber-sick. Like 103 degree temperature sick. We finally took him to the on-call doctor at our local office (P.S. I love our doctor office because they are open 7a-8p M-Th and then open 7-5 on Friday and then open on Saturday 9-3 and Sunday 10-3. It’s a miracle for working parents!). The doctor said that it was just a sinus infection and the fever was telling us something was brewing. The funniest part was when she looked up his nose and she said that was impressive. Like there was so much snot in his nose that even the doctor was impressed. My kid the impressive snot-nose!

Do you hold open doors for people? I am a door holder. I will wait a few extra seconds to hold it open for people who are coming. I won’t wait a ridiculous amount of time but enough to seem gracious. And I’m fine if people in front of me don’t wait if I’m coming. What does bother me is if I am right behind someone going through a door and they let it close on me. So rude.

I went to church yesterday and I didn’t take Leo because I figured it would not be wise to take a 3yo that had been cooped up from Wednesday night through then and expect him to sit still. I came to 2 conclusions. 1)There ARE other kids in church who don’t always listen to their parents but I’m too busy wrangling with mine to hear it. And 2) Even though I am paying attention there are definitely times that I zone out. Even without a little one to distract me. Maybe the lack of time I have to zone out in my regular day that just the peace and quiet of church gives me a place to do that. I’m sure God understands.

I am still dealing with the broken knob incident from my stove from the cleaning lady. I finally sent a come-to-Jesus email to the owner of the company saying that enough was enough and that I needed something done IMMEDIATELY. 5 weeks of stove-top and microwave dinners was wearing on me and my family and that I didn’t think that my situation was getting the attention it needed. She promptly responded (for the first time in our correspondence) saying that she was sorry and if I could find the knob faster to get it and bill her. And that I would receive a free cleaning. I’m uncertain if I want the free cleaning. But only in the sense that I wasn’t complaining to get a free cleaning but it is pretty tempting. I think I’m going to accept it.

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with my Iphone. Like can’t put it down, wear the battery out obsessed. I have downloaded the Twitter, Facebook and Canasta app. Yes. I said Canasta app. I play Canasta constantly. I literally played it for at least 3 hours yesterday. Not all in one sitting but between getting up and going to bed. It is addictive! And since I’m playing against a computer I never have to wait for the other player to respond. And I am constantly getting on Facebook and Twitter. Boy am I ridiculous. I never thought I would be that girl but I sure am!

Ok…that’s enough random from me. Check out Keely to see all the other random thoughts flying around today. I’ve heard it’s kind of a big deal!

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cbs111 said...

I used to have a pre-paid cell and barely touched it. Most of the time it was off, but now that I have a phone that access Facebook, I can't be without it. I didn't even have a FB account until I got it. There should be a Smartphones Anonymous.

Happy Tuesday!