Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're in the middle of another week which means it's time to get my love on for all things!

I'm loving that this dress is coming to my house on Thursday! Woo hoo! Hopefully I look as banging in this dress as the model does! A girl can dream right?!
(image via Express)

I'm loving that we finally got some snow. Leo loves it and keeps asking to throw a snowball. But once he's out in it he decides that it is much too cold. I remember playing outside for hours in the snow. Sledding, making snowmen, etc. Kids these days!

I'm loving my exercise class. We do something different every time and I always feel amazing when I leave. Well after I get home and sit down that is! It's definitely a workout!
I'm loving the good samaritan last night that helped me pop my windshield wiper back on after I had assaulted it when trying to get the ice/snow mix off my windshield. Without him I would have driven without a left winshield wiper. Thank you random acts of kindness! Pass it on!

I'm loving all the cute Valentines day cups from Starbucks. I'm not a big V-day fan OR Starbucks but their cups are so darn cute! (images via Starbucks)

I'm loving all things treats lately. Right now I'm at work staring at a pumpkin pie. I made a birthday cake for one of my co-workers yesterday so that is taunting me from our breakroom and last week we had a going away party for an employee who was leaving the bank to join the police academy so we have a doughnut cake in the fridge. Seriously people...are you not aware of my new year resolution to try to eat healthier? Must resist temptation...must resist temptation!

And on that I'm done with my love! To check out other lovely things check out Jamie!


cbs111 said...

Love the random acts of kindness! We got a bunch of snow yesterday and I cleared off one of the older ladies cars before she even came out. I felt great the rest of the eveing know that I had helped someone.

gretchen said...

I've been loving all things treat too. Unfortunately, my treats have become carrot sticks and pickles instead of cake. Dang.

Megan said...

Love that dress!! So so cute!! We are doing a random acts of kindness link up next Monday!! Come check it out!

kendrasue said...

CBS: I love random acts of kindness and good for you for doing it without anyone knowing! That probably makes you feel even better!

Gretchen: I too snacked on carrot sticks tonight. No fun!

Megan: I can't wait to see the random acts link up. I just think the world needs more kindness these days. I'm getting a little disenchanted with what I'm seeing!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Little acts of kindness like that are so great!