Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RTT: Farts, Jury Duty and Subway

Another week gone so it's time for random!  Hit up Keely to see what other random is going
on in the blogosphere!

Convo with the hubby
Him: why are farts so stupid?
Me: ???
Him: I mean I know why we do it but why do they make such weird
noises? And they smell. I know it's methane gas and that's why you can
light them on fire..

Another convo with hubby
Him: do you remember me waking you up last night?
Me: no.
Him: I farted really loud and it scared you and woke you up. I'm
surprised you don't remember because I couldn't stop laughing.

I should have prefaced those two conversations with the fact that we
had Mexican food last night. And I feel a little guilty with those
stories because I had just told the hubby that I don't normally write
about him. But not guilty enough to not publish them!

Leo has been writing in a notebook lately. He'll ask how to spell
something and we'll tell him and then he'll write it. Well last night
he was in our room writing and coloring in his notebook and hubby
asked him why he was so cute and Leo responded, "I don't know but I'm
smart too." That kid is ridiculous!

I've been a member of a jury since last Tuesday. It's been interesting
but it has really messed up my week. I was supposed to have last
Friday off because I had to work Saturday but since I was on jury
duty I had to go there on Friday and still work Saturday. Which means I
got none of my stuff done. So yesterday I had to do a lot of stuff. But
I definitely didn't do enough because the house still looks trashed. I
guess here's to this weekend. Oh and do you know what sucks terribly?
Having to sit on jury duty for an 8 hour day with cramps and bloating.
Especially when your friend was almost 2 weeks late. Ahhh sometimes
it makes you remember what a sense of humor the big guy has.

There has been a football picks contest going on since December for
the local paper that if you win you get a gift card to a local sports
bar. Well I have an aunt that works for the paper and told me to do it
so I have been. Well apparently I've been the only one participating on
a regular basis so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win. Saweet!

I stopped at Subway this morning to get a sandwich for lunch. I got a
6 inch sub that the footlong is only $5 thinking that the six inch
would be $2.50 or $3. I also got chips and when I went to pay the guy
was $5.39. Incredulously I paid and when I got my receipt I looked and
the sandwich was $4. I should have gotten a footlong for just a dollar
more. Rip-off!


VandyJ said...

Yeah the sandwich places get you one way or another.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, Subway.
Okay, here goes:
John and I went there for lunch last week. I had a buy 1 with a drink, get 1 free. It's not supposed to matter if it's a footlong or 6 inch. John got a footlong. I got a six inch. The cashier, new, bless his heart, rang it up as 2 6 inches for John and then the free one for me, which made his footlong 8 dollars instead of 5. I corrected the cashier who told me this is the way they did it, and it took the manager to stand there and do the math before they realized they were overcharging for a footlong by 3 dollars.
Next time, I'm telling John to stick to the 6 inch and get a freaking bag of chips to quell the hunger.

Nicole said...

Nothing is worse than farts and food rip offs.

Happy RTT!