Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RTT: Pumpkin pie, Toe Melanoma and Lisbeth Salander

Hello! It's Tuesday. And that means RaNdOm.


Things have been pretty crazy around here what with 70 billion Christmas celebrations to attend and what not. Yesterday (and the entire week before) it kinda looked like Christmas threw up in our house. We had presents and a whole bunch of other Christmas related stuff everywhere! When I got home from one celebration on Sunday though the hubby had already put the tree and all Christmas decorations away. He definitely felt the same. Then we spent the next 30 minutes just tidying up. It's much more relaxed in our living room what since we have a place to sit down again!

For the celebration on Saturday I said I would make a pumpkin pie. Well the night before I was going to an impromptu New Year's celebration at my aunts and I didn't want to come empty-handed so I figured I would make 2 pies and take on on Friday and one on Saturday. It all would have been fine but my oven is not usable at the moment (another story all together) so I was taking them to my moms to bake. Again, that shouldn't be a problem but apparently pudding-like pies do not travel well when they haven't been baked. So after I had already poured the pie filling into the crusts and was trying to transport them to my car they started spilling. So I had to dump the filling back into a bowl only to transfer the now wet and gooey pie shells AND the filling. Along with dinner for my son to eat while the pies were baking before going to the party. Needless to say we were running a little behind schedule but alas the pies turned out great and the whole pie for Friday was gone before I left.

I have a bruise-like thing on my big, left toe. It has been there for several months now. I say several because I'm not quite sure when I first noticed it. I know I had it when I got a pedicure the week before Thanksgiving and I'm 90% sure it had been there for at least a month before that. And it hasn't really grown much with my toenail but I'm not sure how fast toenails usually grow. So anyways...I was talking to the hubby about it and he decided to politely inform me that a co-worker of his had something similar and it turned out to be melanoma. So of course I throw the theory out the window because seriously?! Melanoma on a toenail? That's just ridiculous. But then the thought started festering in my mind. And then my crazy imagination took over where reality should have really set in. And so since Friday night I have thought that I have cancer in my toe. And then I told my mom that they would probably have to amputate at the knee and I would be like the Amy Poehler character on SNL where she's a trashy girl with only 1 leg that farts a lot. Because I'm guessing with 1 leg it makes you fart. I don't know. But I am going to the doctor on the 26th of January for my annual check up so hopefully I won't find out the bad news of amputation. Keep me and my big toe in your thoughts!

I have been reading the Millenium trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books). And They. Are. Amazing. Like can't stop reading them. The first one was pretty hard to get into seeing as it had to do with a journalist getting convicted of libel over a financial article but once I got into I didn't want to put it down. And then Saturday night I didn't really have anything to do other than lay in bed and read so I stayed in bed from 8:30 until I finished the book at 1:30. Yeah, 5 hours. Straight reading. So ridiculous but so worth it! I just started book 2 last night and it has been good as well. I just want to know what happens! Unfortunately I have to work all week but I do have 3 lunch breaks so I am going to get at least 3 hours of reading in! And hopefully I will get more in as time allows!

That's all my random! Hop on over to Keely's and see what she is randoming about!


VandyJ said...

Hope your toe turns out OK, maybe it's just a fungus. OK that doesn't sound much better but compared to cancer--yeah. Anyway, happy new year!

Christina said...

Tell that ambitious man of your to come take down my decorations... can he be bribed with pie??