Monday, March 14, 2011

Memoir Monday: Sunday Funday

Happy Monday everyone! My weekend has gone as fast as always and I can't believe it's already Monday. Luckily I have a short week because I'm taking off Thursday and Friday for the NCAA basketball tournament so I'm only working Monday-Wednesday! So excited for my 4 day weekend!

Saturday I worked all day so once I got home we ate dinner and then watched the KU/Texas Big 12 Championship game. It was an awesome game. And KU came out the victor so my night ended on a good note. Leo had spent Friday night with my parents and they wore him out royally and he did not have a nap Saturday so he passed out watching the game with us around 7:30. I moved him to his room and he didn't wake up until I woke him up to go to church Sunday morning at 8! It was awesome!

Sunday we got up and went to church and then went to breakfast after. Then we came home and rested up before heading out to the arena to watch the local Hockey team. It was a good game where the Thunder won and I got delicious chips and queso from a local restaurant that sells their food at the arena. It was awesome! Then we came home and I did Leo's laundry and then it was time to hit the hay because we have to get up to start our week early!

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!

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