Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh those silly meeces

I was sitting here just reading some blog posts when BAM my morning changed for the worse. I saw a mouse. And not just any mouse. A mouse that ran from the corner where Leo's outside toys sit to where Freckles food bowl sits. Ugh. Ridiculous. Aren't you supposed to see (uh...I mean aren't you not supposed to see mice at all but if you do...) them in the winter? Not when the weather turns nice? We had gone like 2 years without mice. We have a really old house so there is a lot of ways they can get in but I thought we had rid the house for good. Apparently not. The good thing about this scenario? I just sat here and went ewwwww when I saw it. I didn't jump. I didn't scream. Either I'm becoming a big girl or else I'm just not grossed out as easily anymore.

P.S.--Tressa and Amy---I blame you. We hadn't seen a mice in ages and then you both post about it on facebook and BAM. Mice. Thanks a freaking lot!


VandyJ said...

That's exactly why I have a cat. No mice in the house with a vigilant cat around. We have had them in the garage, but it's not attached to the house so that's not so bad.

gretchen said...

Eek. You just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! I'm such a ninny.