Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Love

Yay! It's Wednesday which this week is my Friday! Woo hoo! Go visit Jamie to see what other people are loving.

This week I am loving...

--->That the weather is so nice. My boys can go outside and play all they want. But it does mean that daily baths are going to start early!

--->That I got Carlos O'Kellys for lunch today. One of the other girls was hungry and I put a little bug in her ear for some queso and she obliged. It was delicious. I even have leftovers so I get it for dinner too!

--->March Madness is here! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Let's see what we're made of this year!

--->That Obama picked KU to win the national championship! Not that it matters but I like that we have the commander in chief rooting for us as well!

--->That we got a membership to the YMCA. Tomorrow will be my first day to use it but I'm going to.

--->That I am on vacation! Woo hoo! No more work until Monday. And thank goodness because right as I was leaving we got an email about re-organization for some people and I didn't even want to think about it. I called my boss and told her if anything crazy happened to fill me in with a brief phone call. My feelings are...there is nothing I can do about it and if anything happens it is going to happen whether I am thinking about it or not. So I guess it's all in Gods hands now.

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