Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Thoughts From 4 in the morning


It's Tuesday again which means I can empty my brain with Keely and
all the other randomizers! And that's a good thing because it's
3:50am and I can't sleep.

I went to bed last night around 10:30 and was woke up by my darling
son around 1. I've been a good girl and instead of just letting him
crawl in bed I've been taking him back to his room. So I did that
and now look what happened...I can't go back to sleep.

I got my postcard from Captain Dumbass this past weekend and I was so
excited. I love getting non-bill mail! I showed the hubby and he
looked like I was crazy that some random blogger was sending me a
postcard. So I had to remind him about how he helped me pick out a
postcard to send to him to begin with. He finally remembered but I
should have just told him I was pen-pals with an inmate. He probably
would have thought it was cooler!

We had the windows open and the fans running because spring decided to
show it's pretty little face. Well now every night and morning for the
last few days I've been listening to Leo bark/cough. It sounds terrible.

I have decided to tackle spring cleaning in bouts. I'm going to give
myself one week and then every day tackle one item from my list. I
will begin the list on Friday!

Yay! KU made it to the sweet sixteen! They will be playing Friday
night so I have to make sure my chores are done by then!

Also... I tweeted a lot this weekend and lost some followers.
Apparently they were not digging all my Rock Chalks. But if they can't
handle it then they shouldn't be following me anyways!

The hubby just woke up and asked why I wasn't sleeping. I told him I
couldn't and he asked why I wasn't even trying. Gee... You think I
haven't tried at all in the past 3 hours? Pretty sure I'm using my
phone to type a blog as a last resort. Especially when I have to work
a 10 hour day. If I had a choice I would definitely choose sleep!

I went to the store on Sunday and while it was so ridiculously crowded
I was able to get all my shopping done. That included some pre-cooked
bacon so in the mornings all I have to do is pop it in the microwave
for 20 seconds and Leo has a better breakfast than just cereal or pop-
tarts. So I bought some more expensive ones thinking it had more bacon
in it. I went to go put it in the microwave yesterday morning and lo
and behold it was not pre-cooked. Which meant that I had raw bacon
just chilling for almost 24 hours on the counter. Amazing. So I had to
throw it away and deal with a tearful child and explain that there
would he no bacon. All the while cursing under my breath for wasting
$6. I'm more mad that they had that bacon with the pre-cooked bacon.
It was just too confusing.

Ok welp I better quit now and try to get a little sleep. If I go to
sleep now I can get 3 hours of sleep. That would be pretty awesome
right?! Well go visit Keely and see what random is being spewed across
the globe!


Kristine said...

All my spring pitching is done. It took me the better part of 3 weeks to sort through all the rooms and pitch out stuff. Two truckloads of stuff to donate later..the house is 4 tons lighter I'm sure. Now the cleaning can begin. LOL

Stacy Uncorked said...

I really need to make a list and follow your lead on the Spring Cleaning mode...it's going to be a long list. ;)

Princess Nagger LOVES that pre-cooked bacon, since she LOVES bacon. Bummer they had regular bacon with the pre-cooked...crazy!

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

VandyJ said...

I hate it when insomnia strikes. I'm avoiding spring cleaning until it's warmer--spring won't hit here until at least mid April.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I love your husband's response to the postcard. We got ours from the Cap'n and John knew EXACTLY who he was telling me I should send one back. I needed to remind him I had already sent one to begin with...

Toni said...

You blogged with your phone?! I'm impressed!!

Hope you can sleep better tonight! Happy Tuesday!

Heather said...

Getting non-bill mail doesn't happen very often here either. I also started the spring cleaning, gardening and loads of throwing away. No where near finished.

Keely said...

Wait, you have to refrigerate bacon? Isn't it cured or something? ;)

Shannon said...

I need to get started on my Spring Cleaning, too! You know, now that spring has begun and all...

gretchen said...

I've just started tweeting, and I live in fear of being an over-tweeter. Or an under-tweeter. I worry both ways. So much pressure!