Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Biggest Pet Peeve

I don't usually go all, I don't like that specific thing or person but I saw something tonight when I was picking Leo up from school that I've seen a lot more lately and it got on my nerves. And that thing is parents smoking in the car with their children. And this is not something that I care about if people are annoyed with this post because it seriously pisses me off when I see it. I have no problem at all if people smoke. That is their choice. I am also one of those people that don't think the government should tell people where they can smoke in public places or anything like that (although it does make it so much nicer if a restaurant or bar is non-smoking) because I am choosing to go to a place where smoking might occur. But I HATE when parents smoke in the car with their kids. The kids have no choice in the matter and can't ask their parents not to. Especially if they are small children. I just think its trashy. Can you really not hold off on the smoke until you can get to a place where your kid will not be affected by your choice.

Ok. I'll get off my soap box now. Have a happy Wednesday!

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