Friday, November 26, 2010

Rude Wake Up Call

I had a happy Thanksgiving and visions of sugar plums were dancing in my head as I drifted off to sleep last night. And asleep I was until about 2:45 when I was rudely awakened by the sound of our smoke detector. Now seriously…our smoke detector has given us trouble before. But of course I darted out of bed after one chirp. It sent my heart into a frenzy and I felt like my blood pressure had raised to an insanely unhealthy point. I got up, turned on all the lights in the house and searched for the mystery smoke that set off the alarm. I saw nothing and so I went and laid back down. But I could not go back to sleep. So I decided to watch a show I had DVR’d. I watched it and still didn’t feel like I could go back to sleep. By that time it was almost 4. I knew I had to be up in a few hours to work all day. And I finally succumbed to the tiredness and the letdown from the adrenaline that had built up in me. But seriously? Not exactly the wake up I wanted after a long day before and a long day ahead!

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