Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

So today is Tuesday and you know what that means! Random!

Has anyone seen NCIS Los Angeles? Well I haven't either but I saw a commercial for it and there was a lady on there that looks like a real life version of Edna Mode from the Incredibles. Don't believe me? Here's a side by side and then tell me you don't believe me! See? identical! I guess the lady from NCIS is Linda Hunt. But I'm gonna just call her Edna.

This Sunday was 73 degrees! I couldn't believe it! It's November 21st. It was such a nice day. Leo and I played baseball outside for a little bit and the hubby went and played golf. I'm glad he got a nice day to play!

I went grocery shopping and I spent $20 on light bulbs. I decided that I was going to help the environment and buy the fancy swirly ones. I know I'm late in the game but it says that these baby's should last me 6 years. And that's if I use them 4 hours a day. I'm not even sure we would use them for 4 hours a day because they will be in our kitchen and we don't normally leave that light on for 4 hours a day. But who knows. If it can last me 4 years I think that would be pretty amazing!

Also...when changing the light bulbs I realized that one of the holes where the light bulb goes is broken. I don't know that the light bulb that was in it was actually burnt out because I tried 2 new ones and neither of them worked. So now I just have an empty place where I'm not going to waste a light bulb. And now I really think it's time for a new light/fan. I said that the other day when I was cleaning it and realized that the lamination (yeah, we have old school paddle fans!) on one of the paddles was torn. So now I guess I will have to look for a new one.

I have been a craigslist using fool this week. I posted our old stroller/car seat traveler system on it last Monday and had it sold by Tuesday. I thought that was pretty amazing. {And yes, I understand that I want a baby but that thing was 10 years old and had been through at least 3 kids. If I end up having another baby I think that I want at LEAST 1 new thing that I can say is their own. I had so many hand-me-downs (which I am so thankful for) for Leo that I just want something new. So if I do have another one then I will buy a new one.} And now back to our regular-scheduled program...and then I also had posted our old table and chairs last Sunday and randomly today I got a text message regarding it. I almost had deleted the post because we weren't getting any hits on it. But this person wanted to come and see it. So he stopped by today and bought it! So that is an extra $90 that we made in the last week! Woohoo!

Does anyone else with an almost 4 year old make them still take a nap? I am all about the naps for Leo. And he usually doesn't mind laying down for them. I just usually have to let him know that the nap is coming up and then he will be ok. Or if he is doing something else let him do it and then make him take a nap when he is finished. But the last few weeks he has definitely rebelled against the naps. I even told him that he had 15 minutes and let him continue to play outside. And he came in willingly for the nap but then would not go to sleep. It took over 2 hours of him hemming and hawing about not being tired, needing another hug and kiss, etc. before finally succumbing to the sleepy-world. I just don't know if naps should be going by the wayside. But I really enjoy the time that he sleeps because then I can get stuff done. Like blogging!

Also...does anyone use Etsy? I went on the website today because I have heard so many things about it for like the last million years but never went on. But it seemed really hard to maneuver. How do I find certain shops for specific things? Let me know!

And finally woo hoo! It's almost Thanksgiving! Which means that there are only 33 days until Christmas! I'm so excited. I'm just waiting for the hubby to give me the green light to get the Christmas stuff out and where he wants to put the Christmast tree. So excited!

Ok, well that is all I have for today. Enough random from me so go check out Keely and see her random.



Barb said...

I've thought about Craig's list, but I'm kinda worried about people coming to my house to buy stuff. Or even meeting me someplace. What if he or she is an axe-murderer? As for Etsy, a couple of my friends have sites there. One day I'm gonna do it to (like in a billion years). I always use the search function.

Have a happy Tuesday!

VandyJ said...

Try doing quiet time. When my now seven year old started to resist napping, I went to having an hour of quiet time. He had to be in his room, in his bed, but I didn't tell him to go to sleep--just to stay still and rest. ABout half the time he would fall asleep, but even if he didn't--he was still resting. Worked until he was definitely to old to nap.

kendrasue said...

Good idea on the quiet time. I will have to try that. And as for Craigslist I usually meet in a public place. Sometimes it doesn't always work though.

Anonymous said...

To me, the thing about Etsy is you have to try to search specifically then have time to browse. But sometimes you can find really awesome things on there.

Christina said...

I've got a bunch of stuff I need to post on Craigslist. I need to get moving on that.

Just call me Yankee said...

I also did the quiet time instead of naps starting around 4. He didn't always nap, but did lay down or just played quietly in bed. It is definitely nice to have time for yourself for a bit during the day. I stopped that shortly before he started preschool which was an all day thing so he would be ready to stay up all day. Happy RTT.