Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glorious weather

So yeseterday in the Derb it was 70 degrees. That's right people, 70 degrees. If you recall, just 3 days ago snow covered the ground. Gotta love the weather in Kansas! Anyways...I went to my mom's for dinner and after the old folks left we decided to go for a walk. We put the monkey in the stroller and wheeled ourselves down the road. We didn't leave until about 7:45 so it was starting to get dark. Here are a few things we learned while walking when it is getting dark:
  • Cars go really fast. We had to walk about 3 blocks without sidewalks. It was a side street so we weren't too concerned. Well we should have been. The speed limit is 30 mph and I swear this car was going 40 at least. And we had a stroller and dude didn't even slow his big ol' SUV down. What a jerk.
  • My child can see very well in the dark. He kept wanting us to run. Now, because of my ashtma I am not a runner. I have never really been a runner but especially lately with the flare-ups I've been having. I told him we would run when we saw grandma and grandpas house. I should have known better. He saw it probably a whole street away. I started to run and I couldn't even make it. But at least after our running he told us, "good job running guys." What a monkey!
  • After the sun gets past a certain point, it goes down fast. Like within 10 minutes it went from being pretty sunny out to no sun at all.

Ok, so a few lessons learned! We had a nice walk and I have continued my exercising every day. Yay me!

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Heather said...

OMG that is dangerous girl! San Antonio just had an incident where this girl was walking home and in a low traffic area, but for a good distance there was no sidewalk. The rest of the story was not good.

Please be careful out there.

That Monkey is a trooper!