Friday, March 12, 2010

Weight Watchers Friday

So, I’m starting weight watchers today. My first meeting was this morning at 7am. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. I had to even get there 30 minutes early so I could register. This is my second go-around with weight watchers. I started when I was in college with my aunt and we did pretty well with it and then life got in the way for me. And then I got pregnant and you can’t do it when you’re pregnant. And now they are offering it through work. I am unable to attend the meetings at work because it is at a different location than where I work and only offered during lunch hours and that is not conducive to my schedule. They finally started offering it to the other employees and they can attend meetings by their houses. And I can get up to a 75% refund if I attend a certain amount of meetings and meet my goal weight in the 10 week period! That was motivation enough for me! So, today is the day. I will be monitoring what I eat and making sure that the foods I am eating are going to fill me up without being ridiculously unhealthy! I will be accountable to you guys by every Friday posting my weight loss (and hopefully not gain!) and the successes that I have had this week! If you have had successes with weight watchers and have some seriously awesome recipes let me know! And if you want to join me in my weight loss journey feel free to comment about yours even if you aren’t participating in weight watchers! Any motivation for me is great!

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Heather said...

Wow, that is a heck of a deal!

I have already started trying to do more outside to get my muscles back into the routine. I then plan to ride my bike to the store and back 3 times a week. I'm searching for recipes too.

Good luck to us both.