Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RTT: Another Tuesday, more random thoughts

It's time for another episode of Random Thoughts Tuesday!

Things that make you go hmmm..
A gentleman in a leather bomber jacket walking a tiny dog in little booties that also had a neck sphere thing on.

There is a Starbucks that is located right across the bank in the grocery store. There is the most annoying employee that works at Starbucks. These are his two favorite phrases…
“hallooooooooo!” As loud as he can. And not just to customers. Just to random people walking by Starbucks. The other one is, “ would you like to try a sample? It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry in a cup.” Again, to Every. Single. Person. I have decided that a drinking place would work out real well because you would get drunk really fast. The only bad part is that we’re at work. So probably not a good idea!

This is probably TMI but since I have started to eat a lot healthier I have been a lot less regular. I used to go like everyday but lately it’s been like every 3-4 days. I’m not uncomfortable by this but I just thought if I was eating more fruits and vegetables that I would go more. I guess not.

Two days of potty training bliss was not enough for my little monkey to decide to do it full time. He went from two days with no accidents to one day with 2 accidents. We have watched a Burger King that has been built and would drive by it every day on the way to his school. It is finally done so we have done what any great parent does. We have bribed him. If he can make it the full day at home with dad without going to the bathroom in his pants at all then he will get Burger King for dinner. He’s pretty excited about it! Hopefully that will be incentive enough for him to stay clean for the day!

I was thinking of ways to save money this morning while driving to work and my thought was to cut cable. When I first moved out of my house I didn’t have cable and I didn’t miss it. I think the hubby would miss it more because we wouldn’t be able to watch the sports channels. I think I would be able to find other things to do. I read 8 books the first 2 months of the year and I haven’t read one since. It’s a little depressing because I keep finding books I want to read but our library sucks in the selection. Not the actual library because it’s brand new and it is amazing but I digress…I just hate having to wait to see if they are even able to get the book I am requesting. I wish that I lived somewhere where the selection of books was more of a Barnes and Noble rather than a small town library.

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Just call me Yankee said...

Happy RTT!

I have a small town library too. I know what you're saying. I also bribe my son. What self respecting parent wouldn't. Good luck with the potty training.

piecemeal people said...

I am not above bribing children when it comes to potty training. We used Skittles - either one or three, based on the type of "action" we saw. :)

Heather said...

I'm sorry but I found it a little funny that you are trying to eat healthier, but you are willing to bribe the boy with unhealthy food. Just struck me funny!

If I was to cut the cable, hubby would never come home! LOL!!

kendrasue said...

Haha! Heather I never thought about that! My son of course gets a lot more play time in than I do so he can work off the sweets faster than i can!