Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here are a few funnies from my little man.

Come here and give me mooches. (apparently in school they have talked about smooches!)
On a morning where he ended up in bed with us he asked where my pony hair (ponytail) went. When I told him he had probably taken it out in the middle of the night he looked at me and said, “not me baby!”
We are horrible parents and eat dinner in front of the TV. While doing so we always stop the show we are watching (thank God for a DVR) if we need to run to the kitchen or what not. So, last night the monkey was eating dinner and he wanted more milk so he told us to stop the show and get him some more milk. That’s probably more funny to me since he’s just being a parrot!

When talking about my cousin that was going to have her baby he told me that the baby was locked in a castle by the bad guys. I asked where the mom was and he said in the castle too. Silly boy!
Last night he was in the bathtub and I let him play in there by himself. When he is being a little too quiet I check on him. I asked him last night if he was ready to get out and he told me, "No. I still have work to do!"
There are so many more and many that are funny to me and the hubby because when he does certain things or says certain things we know he’s our kid! And I know these pictures don't fit exactly, but he's still cute and thought I would share!

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Heather said...

LOL!! That was too cute!

"Not me baby" LMAO!

Great pics!