Sunday, March 21, 2010

Potty Training 101

So this week has been a tough/good week on the potty training front. Last Monday when the dear husband picked up the monkey from school the teacher asked him how potty training was going. He told her that it wasn't going that well and that he would have his good days and bad days. She said that the monkey is doing great at school and sometimes just poops in his pull up. She asked if we had underwear at home and if the monkey ever wore them. The hubby said we did and that we hadn't had him wearing it because he wasn't really trying. She said that it might help if he just wore the underwear only instead of them over a pull up. We talked to the monkey that night and asked him if that would be something he was interested in, trying to get him to understand that is what big boys do and let him know that he had some say in it as well. He decided that this was something he wanted to do. So we decided to go for it.

Day 1: My dad picked the monkey up from school and he had pooped twice in his underwear. Luckily I had taken extras.
Day 2: Did good in his underwear but during nap he had been placed in a pull up just because that is a tricky part of the day and he had pooped in his pull up. Other than that he was dry and stayed in the same underwear the whole day. I then took him over to my moms for a brief minute so I could do something for her and while we were there he pooped in his underwear. Even after I had him sit on the pot so he could try. I was very frustrated but decided to try to stick with it.
Day 3: Stayed dry the entire day at school. Went poop in the potty twice.
Day 4: In the morning while getting him ready for school I saw him go to his g0-to hiding spot to poop. I asked him if he was pooping and he said no but that he had to go. I scooped him up and put him on the toilet and he sat there for a good 5-10 minutes and did his business. I was so proud of him.
Hopefully the praise we are giving him when he does what he's supposed to do and in the right place will get him to start doing this full-time. I also got him some new Cars underwear as an incentive to get to wear the big-boy underwear instead of pull ups. HOpefully by the end of the month we will have a fully potty-trained little man!

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Lucy said...

I went through that 5 times. Some were easy and some not so easy. It will just happen and you won''t believe it is permanent.