Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Do you know what we spent the day doing yesterday? Not much! We got up about 7:30 thanks to a little monkey and just lazed around most of the day. The funniest part is that the hubby busted out some of his old tapes (yes tapes, not CDs) and listened to them with headphones. What a dork! The monkey played with his toys and read a lot of his books and I played Monopoly and Scrabble on my phone. Started watching basketball around 11:30. Oh yeah, and I put ribs in the crockpot and that was dinner along with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Delicious! I love days like that. They are so relaxing and when we have nothing else to do it makes it nice to end the weekend that way. That way we don't feel like we are already struggling starting out the work week. Especially since I don't have a vacation scheduled until the end of June for my brothers wedding. Come on June!


Heather said...

Lovely days, to just sit around and do nothing. Love it.

I wasn't that lucky, I had major cleaning on my list of things to do while hubby had major tv watching on his list!

Heather said...

I forgot..I have an award waiting for you over at my place.