Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight Watchers Friday Week 3

So week 3.

Starting weight: 159
Last week: 156
This week: 153

Woo hoo! Down another 3 pounds! As I was looking through my tracker for the week I realized that there was only 1 day that I went over on my points and it was only by 2 points! That was even with me being home from Thursday through Sunday. And I made delicious ribs on Sunday. So there were definitely challenges that I have overcome. I have had to really rely on my willpower because there were definitely days that I could have eaten a lot more! There were also days that I realized how big serving sizes are! I doubled up on the amount of ice cream I ate one night. Usually I can eat 1/2 cup of peanut butter cookie dough ice cream for 4 points. I had extra points because I had worked out and hadn't eaten many points so I decided to eat a full cup. Wow, that was a lot of ice cream! So, morale of the story...just because you have the extra points does not mean you need to eat them all! haha! But the ice cream was good!

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Heather said...

Another 3 pounds! Wow! Way to go!

I had ice cream for the first time this year on thursday. Oh, boy was it goood!