Friday, April 2, 2010

Weight Watchers week 3

Ok. So done with week 3. I guess technically because they consider your 1st meeting your first week then this would be week 4, but because this was my 3rd weigh in from the start I am considering it week 3! I have seen a lot of changes mentally and physically.

Starting weight: 159
Last week: 153
This week: 152
Total weight loss: 7.4 pounds

A few things that have changed in the last 3 weeks that I have been participating in weight watchers. I have been much better about choosing foods that fit in a well balanced diet instead of just choosing whatever is in front of me. I have also really cut back on portion control. I have realized that the amount of food that we consume on an everyday basis is ridiculously out of whack! But sometimes I miss those ridiculously sized portions! I have also gotten better about making myself workout. Even if it is just stepping on my wii board for 20-30 minutes. Instead of just sitting on my rear watching tv with the hubby I have decided that I will use that time to embarrass myself in front of him! I’m just kidding, I don’t embarrass myself…well sometimes when my clumsy self trips while trying to step and watch tv! And I even went on a walk during my lunch hour yesterday! I sweated (but not too much!) and got completely windblown, but I knew that I wouldn’t get home until 8:30 and I probably wouldn’t want to work out when I got home, so I figured I should. I went to a park that is right across from where I work and walked 2 laps around it. It only took 30 minutes so I even had a little time for myself. But my most favorite change is the one where people see me and comment about weight loss. I had a regular customer come in last night and she asked me if I had lost weight. I don’t always see it when I look in the mirror so a change noticeable enough where a customer notices is nice. I have also had my mother and my dear sister-in-law (to be) make comments. And they feel good! I appreciate them as long as they are sincere and not forced! I may not have lost as much weight this week but I am still motivated! So week 3 and still going strong!

I have a lot going on this weekend (a bridal shower and of course Easter in Dodge) so I probably won't be posting as much or even being able to respond to other posts so I hope everyone has a happy Easter and I will be back next week!

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Heather said...

Way to go! One pound is ONE POUND! Keep up the good work!