Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I really like reading famous people's memoirs. I find it really interesting because no matter how much money they have they always have some messed up stuff that has happened to them. And it's kind of nice because, honestly, who doesn't like to hear about others misfortunes. I'm morbid I know. Get over it!

So I read Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. It's her third book she's written but the first one I've read. She's really crass and even though she's super famous she seems really cool. I won't say down to earth because she freaking took her chauffer (sp?) on a vacation with her and her friends and family. And honestly, who does that? But it would be cool to get into her circle because even though some of the stuff she does is ridiculous (like trick her boyfriend into thinking she killed her friends dog accidentally and then planning a big prank to get her boyfriend to believe said murder) it would be fun to be around that on a daily basis. I deal with stuff like that anyways with the hubby...some of the stuff he comes up with is ridiculous...but at least I'd be making a lot of money!

So back to the book...I think the best story that she told involved her dad renting out his house on the beach. A letter sent to her father about the condition of the house and then Chelsea having to go in and tell her father that he needed to refund them money because it was a horrible experience is so funny. And funny in an, "oh my gosh, did that really happen because if it did that is disgusting" sort of way. But I suggest people who like to read about rich people and the crazy things that they do go out and read this book. I am going to try to get her other books from the library so that should be more entertainment!

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Heather said...

Well if they are rich, then they probably rented out the beach house to a rich person. Some rich people have extremely high standards on how a house should be. I bet that house was extremely better than mine.

Sounds like a crazy read.