Sunday, April 25, 2010


Todays challenge a recent picture of me. Here is me and my little monkey at his birthday at the bowling alley. So since this was taken about 2 months ago, imagine me now minus 11 pounds! :) Hehe. I had to throw that in there. So there I am. Looking fly in my Jayhawks shirt. Rock Chalk baby!
I hope everyone had a happy weekend. Mine was super busy filled with working, volunteering at a local renaissance festival and then my little monkey had a birthday party for his little girlfriend from school. It was weird though because he was the only person there that was not related to the birthday girl. When I pointed this out to my hubby he said maybe they considered us family. Maybe, but still weird! But it was a good time and they had a jump house and Leo adored it! So all in all a pretty good weekend.

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Heather said...

Nice pic of you and the monkey! And to be 11 pounds lighter is fantastic!

My poor niece had on of those parties where only one friend showed up. It was sad! Glad the monkey had fun though!