Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can barely think for this

I have been so tired lately. I have been eating healthier and exercising more. Isn’t that supposed to change? I’m ready for some sleep before trying to wreck my sleep cycle again by trying to have another baby!

I have been eating healthier so I have been much crankier lately. I just want some freaking good food. I don’t want to count calories. Or points. I think I am in my rebellious phase of dieting. If my dieting cycle were like a life cycle I would be in my teenage years. Stupid teenage hormones.

The monkey has been like a little hellion one day and the next the sweetest angel. I was reading up online about tantrums and kids and there is some crazy stuff out there. One “advisor” said that it is not normal for kids to be having tantrums at age 3 and they should be taken to their doctor to see if counseling or follow-up procedures are needed. Another person trying to get some help said her daughter was a sweet kid but she was “spirited”. Like one minute she was fine but the next she had too much energy and it caused her to act out. I’ve never heard of anyone calling their kid spirited in the sense like that. When I was reading it I thought she was talking about her kid could talk to the spirits. And finally, my favorite. The parent whose 9 year old is still throwing tantrums. I will definitely not be blogging if my son is 9 and still throwing tantrums because I will have to be carted off to the looney bin because I will not be able to handle that.

I went to hell Wal-Mart the other day after a horrible day with the monkey. It was about 6pm on a Sunday night and I looked like the walking dead. I’m glad I didn’t see anyone I knew because I looked horrible, I felt emotionally horrible and I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I had called my dad on the way their to tell him to let my mom know I wouldn’t be walking with her that night and I almost started crying. What can I say. Your parents can bring out the emotions that you can’t bring out at home.

Work has been ridiculous lately. I don’t know if everyone got their tax return money or what but we have been so busy. I can’t seem to keep up with everything that is going on. I’m sure that is helping my sleepless nights.

The other day my kid kicked me out of my own bed. He was hogging my side so I went out in the living room to sleep and guess what? He found me. At 5 in the freaking morning. Ridiculous. It was bad enough I couldn’t even sleep in my own bed, let alone getting woke up way to damn early for a Sunday. Ridiculous.

A little music thing that has been annoying me lately. Everyone puts their name in their song. I don't care who sings it. I don't buy music. I don't need to know your name! And the new Usher song 'OMG'. Stupid. I don't even like using the text words like that and LOL and other things like that. Don't name your song that. And the new Demi Moore/Miley Cyrus movie is named LOL. Oh dear.

I guess that is probably enough random today. To see more check out the best random in town…Keely over at www.theunmom.com.


Heather said...

Sounds like you need to give yourself a night to indulge in the foods you want. Denying yourself of the "good stuff" is going to cause you to quit. I would also suggest a day to yourself if you can get it.

That is crazy that a 3 yr old shouldn't be having tantrums. I do believe 2 to 5 is the right age for major tantrums. It is only because they haven't gotten their speech down yet and it gets very frustrating for them and they also are fighting what you want vs what they want.

Now about the LOL...hmmm I tend to use it a lot. I get amused very easy and haven't figured out how to express it any other way. I want you to know that you made me laugh.

kendrasue said...

I understand about the LOL. everyone does it. I tend to use hahaha and my hubby gets annoyed! But don't stop using it! That's just my pet peeve!