Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New fiction

A fictional book that I am looking forward to reading is All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. It is a book by Janelle Brown. It is about a family of women that all of their problems come to a head all about the same time.

Here is a synopsis from Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/All-Ever-Wanted-Was-Everything/dp/0385524013)
From Publishers Weekly
In Brown's withering Silicon Valley satire, a family wakes up on a June day to realize that patriarch Paul's company has hit the big time with a phenomenal IPO. But instead of rejoicing about being newly rich, the family's three women each find themselves in the throes of a major crisis. Paul has fled with his new amour, who happens to be wife Janice's tennis partner. Desperate housewife Janice discovers the soothing power of the pool boy's drug stash and sinks into addiction and denial. Meanwhile, 20-something daughter Margaret learns the price of living a Hollywood lifestyle on an artsy hipster's budget—gargantuan credit card debt. Finally, 14-year-old Lizzie wades deeper and deeper into a sea of adolescent trouble without an adult to confide in. From the ashes of their California dreams, the three must learn to talk to each other instead of past each other, and build a new, slightly more realistic existence—but not without doses of revenge and hilarity. Brown's hip narrative reads like a sharp, contemporary twist on The Corrections.

I just finished Chelsea Handler's "Chelsea Chelsea Boom Boom" and I'll be writing about it tomorrow, but when I take it back to the library I will be picking up a copy of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. Hopefully it is everything I hoped for. Haha...I'm sorry. That was a horrible play on words. If my husband were here he would put the car crash on for that joke! And speaking of books...I really want a Kindle. How awesome would that be? I could just download the books to it and I wouldn't even have to go to the library! Awesome!

*30-day challenge: Fictional book*

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Heather said...

Sorry I don't think I could read about someone falling into drugs. Been there, done that.

You'll have to tell me how it was, then maybe I could decide.
I really haven't read anything in years except blogs.

I think maybe a Kindle would change that. BUT, I feel the libraries are in trouble with all the different ways around to get books.