Friday, April 16, 2010

30-Day Challenge

So, over at she has started doing a 30 day challenge. And I have been going through some issues of writers block due to lack of energy so I figured this would give me some topics I could write about and it could give you some insight into me!

So day 1 is my favorite song.

Hrrmmmm…Favorite song. That is an extremely tough topic. I have so many favorite songs. But I guess my favorite song that I can think of that is not just a current, passing trend is Overkill by Men At Work. I first heard this song on Scrubs on the episode “My Overkill.” Colin Hay (the lead singer for Men at Work) was the street performer that followed JD around all day singing this song as it pertained to his life. Just the lyrics are classic. “I can’t get to sleep, I think about the implication. Of diving in too deep. It’s just overkill.” This is me on a daily basis. There are always issues going on in my daily life that get me to over-think everything. And I don’t even know the true meaning of the song to Colin Hay, but to me it fits perfectly.

Scrubs has brought a lot of good songs to light. They had the amazing song Hallelujah on their and they have had episodes based around specific songs. There was even an episode where JD in his head talks about a Fray song and he says, no not that Fray song, this one. Just having someone else have music constantly going through their head makes me feel a little bit more normal!

Here is a link to the song so you can listen to it yourself! Enjoy!

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Heather said...

Wow I thought I was fluent in all this Men AT Work, but I can't recall that song. Noew that is going to aggervate me, racking my brain. I would try to look it up, but ya know I got the slowest dial up ever!

Heading over to gathering dust to check out this 30 day challenge.