Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today’s Tuesday so that means random. And while most I spew is random today is even more random than most days!

I made 30 enchiladas over the weekend for my mom’s birthday dinner tonight. My fingertips are burnt so there is extra padding on the pads. It makes the keyboard feel weird!

I have been trying really hard to stay on point with this whole weight watchers thing but 1 meal can really screw everything up. I try to eat cheap and Wendy’s double stack for a dollar is delicious. But it’s also 19 points. That’s almost my whole day. Oh well. You can’t win them all!

I’m also being a creep when it comes to food time because I’m obsessed with the whole points thing. I am bringing my own chips to the fiesta tonight for mom’s birthday. I bought baked Tostitos so I can eat more than the other kinds of chips that might be available. I don’t know why because I’m sure I’ll go over my points again when the ice cream cake is busted from the freezer. Ahhhh ice cream cakes!

I started doing the 30-day shred again. Holy cow. My body is sore from doing it 2 days in a row. But I’m gonna stick with it because I have 2 upcoming weddings and 1 is a high school friend and I want the other girls to see I look good. Haha. So shallow but so true! I don’t want to be the fat girl anymore! The weddings are in June so I have 1.5 months to get this butt into shape!

And on the above note…is it bad that my 3yo is telling me I am doing the moves wrong? I can’t do the “jump-rope” move they do so I just hop back and forth from one foot to the other. Still moving my arms and legs but not like the trainers. Well Leo decides to tell me that I am doing it wrong and that they jump off of both feet. I told him to be quiet and let mommy sweat in peace. Kids these days!

I am still having trouble with his little temper-tantrums. I am hoping that he is normal but last night I was trying to get him to go to the bathroom (because he’s been doing amazing with the potty training, thanks!) but he didn’t want to. I told him his choices were a) go to the bathroom and just try or b) go to timeout. Well he chose option C where he would throw a screaming fit while I tried to corral him into his room. I eventually won, but while he was in timeout he decided to tell us he needed to go to the bathroom. I told him he needed to wait until his timeout was done (which was in 5 minutes) and he proceeded to tell us he was going to go. So he did. On. The. Floor. It was awful. But I won a battle with myself. I never raised my voice during the whole ordeal. I actually lowered it to try to defuse the situation. The only time I raised my voice was after he had been in his room for over 3 hours when he was supposed to be going to bed but he wouldn’t . He kept yelling out to me and finally I told him I had had enough. The only reason I was so mad was because see below…

We have had 3 roaches in our house in the last 2 weeks. They are not the tiny german roaches that multiply like the dickens but I still don’t like them. And I have even been more focused on keeping the house clean and no food left out and no dishes laying around. 2 have been in the bathroom and the other was in the dining/kitchen area. We have had some in the bathroom before but we also have a giant tree outside the window and we have been told they are tree roaches and they don’t even want to be inside the house. They will accidentally come in but would rather be outside. And the one in the dining room last night looked similar to the others (it was too fast, I couldn’t kill it) and we do have a sliding glass door next to the table, so it’s possible it is the same kind but it is disgusting. And I don’t understand why they are coming in. Just leave us the hell alone. I don’t want you inside my house. You are filthy and even the devil doesn’t like you and that’s why he made you so indestructible (or I’m sure that’s why they can’t be killed!). So final say. Just leave me alone.

I will end my random on another reason I have been unhappy. My TV turned on on Sunday and it gave us a message that said that the projection bulb will need to be replaced soon. Yeah, the TVs 3 years old. It shouldn’t need to be replaced yet and I don’t have $300 laying around. So we’re just waiting and hoping the TV turns on to a picture each time we push the power button. So stupid.

So, yeah. If you want some more random check out Keely over at www.theunmom.com

(and I am so using this as my day 6 of the challenge…today’s challenge was “whatever tickles my fancy.” And if this doesn’t qualify for that I don’t know what does!


Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Tree roaches just are looking for water. They get in by accident and no amount of cleaning or not cleaning will make any difference at all. They are so disgusting but there is nothing you can do.

Congrats on not yelling and for sticking to the weight loss plan. It's hard but when you go to the weddings looking fine, you'll be so glad you stuck with it.

Heather said...

It is real hard to stay on track with the deiting, but you have come this far, don't turn back now.

Glad you kept your cool, even though he let loose on the floor.

Here in Texas we call those water roaches. Like margret said..they are after water.