Friday, April 16, 2010

Weight Watchers Week 6

Ok. So last week was a challenge, this week was a success! I felt like I got right back on track after last weeks functions that I had to attend and I really felt like I was going to see it on the scale. Welp I did!

Starting: 159.8
Last week: 152.4
This week: 150.6
Down 1.8 pounds for the week, 9.2 pounds overall!

That's pretty dang exciting for me! I really would have like to push it to 149.8 so I can say I've lost 10 pounds but 9 is fine for me! And I have 4 weeks left to lose the additional 3 to get my reimbursement so I am continuing on my path. I've really been thinking hard about setting a goal that I am looking to achieve overall. And looking at my chart for height and ideal goal, the top weight is 137 pounds. I think I would like my weight to be at 130 pounds. So basically I have 20 pounds left to lose and I know it will be a tough journey but ideally (and realistically) I think 130 pounds will be the best for me.

So overall...great week! I will be keeping my momentum and knowing that I can achieve my goal! have a great day!


Heather said...

That is awesome! I think 130 for you being so short, will be great for you. You are soo getting that reimbursement!!

It has only been since the 6th since I started, but I have dropped 4 pounds. I has gotten me excited enough to continue.

Way to go!

will said...

Keep it up! If you need motivation stop by my blog Fitness Achievement

kendrasue said...

Thats awesome that you've lost 4 pounds! Go you!