Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too much TV is good for the brain

Today’s topic is a toughie. It is a favorite TV show. I don’t have just 1 so I am going to tell you about a couple!

Right now I have two favorite, favorite TV shows. The top one is Bones. It is amazing and the eye candy isn’t bad either! Booth and Brennan, playing out their lives with each other but without each other. It is heartbreaking to watch him yearn for her when she doesn’t want it the same way he does. Just finishing the 100th episode last week was hard because *spoiler alert* at the end of the episode it has Booth kissing Brennan and asking her to give them a try. She pushes him away and says that he was always trying to protect her, but with them not being together is ultimately protecting him because she can’t love him like he needs/wants to be loved. And then the heartbreaking fade-away after he tells her he can’t wait any longer for her. I wanted to cry because they just need to be together. But outside of the sexual tension there are other great factors about the show. The banter between all the different characters makes the show great as well. Between Hodgins and Angela (where more sexual tension lies) and then of course between Booth and Dr. Sweets and between Booth and all the squints. It makes good television. Sometimes the crime scenes make me a little queasy though because I don’t need to see all that! Overall the show is awesome and I recommend this show to anyone with a DVR or a television or a library card where you can rent videos!

The other show that I am digging on independently is Modern Family. Every episode I laugh out loud. Between the dorkiness of the dad with the teenage daughter, to the gay couple that has one extremely feminine male to the patriarch of the family who is a man’s man with a new wife and a young step-son. There are always one-liners that are so funny. Last night’s episode had one of the teenage daughters embarrassed to be seen with her mom at the mall, but then using that to try to sucker her into money and her mom embarrassing her on purpose because she (the daughter) was purposely trying to screw with her (the mom). It was funny. I’m glad my mom never did that to me! Again, this is definitely a show you should check out if you don’t mind awkward moments and you love to laugh. I think the best part of this show is that it is just 30 minutes. Sometimes I don’t have an hour to allow to watch the show so this one I can sit and watch it quickly without worrying about other things I need to be doing.

And finally two shows that I watch with Leonard that we both enjoy.

How I Met Your Mother is so funny. The characters are funny and the situations that they get themselves into are even funnier. Neil Patrick Harris makes the show though. The other show that we watch together is Scrubs. Again, funny characters, funny situations. We have been watching this show separately from the beginning. We weren’t together when this show came on originally and then when we got together we realized that we both loved the show. We even had a class that was during the same time so we had to VCR it because we didn’t have a DVR. Then the show got cancelled and moved from NBC to ABC and the final season on NBC was not that great. So then we were leery to follow it to ABC. We watched it and the season/series ended beautifully. I still cry when I watch that episode. But then this year they started the series as two of the main characters from the original show as teachers at the hospital and the new main characters are actual med students. It was hard to get into at first and mesh with the characters but towards the end of the season it got better. So hopefully there was enough of a following to bring it back for another season as well!

All of the above shows are shows you should watch. I watch all of them regularly and hope they don’t go off the air anytime soon!

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