Monday, April 5, 2010

Things that should be free

I went to the local library today and I checked out the newest Chelsea Handler book, "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang." I went to use the card that is attached to my keys so I didn't have to dig in my wallet. I knew that was my sons, but seeing that he's my responsibility I didn't figure it would matter whose card was used. Well apparently it does. They wouldn't let me use it and so I ended up having to dig anyways. Then I asked if I could get a new card so I could put it on my keychain and they told me it would be $3. Now, $3 is not a lot of money, but when library cards are FREE and I am still using one that is signed with my maiden name I figured they could splurge and give me a new one. He told me unless the card no longer worked I would have to pay. So, I think before I make my next trip to the library I am going to let my son play with the scissors and my library card. Only they'll still probably make me pay. So stupid.

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Heather said...

That is rediculous! I guess even the libraries have to make a buck when ever they can.